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We Did It. I Did It? It's Done.

Here it is. Praying for Time. The finale to the Hell on Earth series. It took some serious digging deep down but I managed over 50,000 words in just under 30 days. The story of Tyler Jones and his band of misfits took five years and over 200,000 words to complete. It takes twists and turns I didn't see coming and I had a lot of fun writing it.

Just a gentle reminder that the exercise of writing for National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) every November, and its more fluid Camp NaNoWrimo every July is to get the words on the page. No matter how dumb they sound or how off the rails the story goes. These books are being offered to you for free because they're rough drafts. Spelling and grammatical errors are likely all over the pages and I'm fully aware that the story is all over the place. But I think you'll enjoy the journey either way.

In general I don't like endings. I avoid TV shows that are in their final seasons and I prefer franchise films over stand-alone ones because I know there's more coming. So the fact that I managed to find this story's ending in two forms is quite the feat.

I hope you find the story entertaining. As always feel free to send feedback on any and all topics via the contact link on this site. Please don't send me corrections to my grammar and spelling. I know it's problematic and I will fix it at some point. Any and all comments on characters and story are welcome.

Thanks for your patience, thanks for taking the time to visit me and Happy Reading!

What's Next?

Stay tuned to this site for my next project which will begin in November, as usual.

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