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So I started this post yesterday and then time got away from me. But that's sort of the theme of any writing project, really. Finding the time and utilizing it properly. I managed to do that well for day 1. I took advantage of an early start and I wrote words before anyone invaded my space. Now, it's day 2 and I've messed up my own rhythm. To be honest I forgot what month it is. I mean, it's only 9am, it's not like I looked up and it was 11:55pm and I hadn't written a single word, but there's already people in my house and the noise and interruptions are about to start up again.


It's a great many hours later and I have not written a single NaNoWriMo word today. I am on the fence about whether or not to just let today pass by and make up for lost words tomorrow, or eek out however many I can tonight.

The good news is, I have places to put my clothes again!

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