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Praying for Time

Book Four in the Hell on Earth Series

As Tyler continues to prepare for their impending battle, Lucifer is visited by a mysterious figure who sets him on a new path. Meanwhile, the Upper Plane deals with a betrayal. 

Will the Omphalos prevail in his battle with Lucifer or will the ruler of the lower plane finally achieve his ultimate goal?


"Hell on Earth" is a set of stories written during National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). They are unedited and contain mistakes. Those include misspellings and probable plot holes. Please keep that in mind as you read through the stories. 

Paint it Black

​Book One in the Hell on Earth Series


When Tyler Jones fled the midwest to live in Los Angeles he thought he was getting away from his religious roots. But when Lucifer puts a plan in motion to enter Los Angeles and lay the city to waste, it is Tyler and an unlikely group of friends and allies who must stop him from painting their city black. 


Will Tyler find the faith he had so much wanted to get away from or will he turn his back on everything he's being asked to do?

Father Figure

​Book Two in the Hell on Earth Series

Despite the way it looks, Tyler and his companions have staved off an all out attack on Los Angeles, and kept Lucifer from entering their plane, for now. But Lucifer does not quit, and he has a new plan. With Heaven missing its leader and enemies in need of protection, Tyler's faith in himself, and his friends, is tested beyond even his own imagination.


Will Lucifer carry out his new diabolical plan? And where is Heaven's Father figure? 

Sweet Child of Mine

Book Three in the Hell on Earth Series

Tyler Jones has had one hell of a year. Unfortunately his life is going to get worse before it gets better. When Lucifer manages to walk freely onto the middle plane and carry out his plan to create a child using Chloe as his vessel, Tyler and his band of misfits - made up of a preacher, two angels, a demon, a phoenix, a dragon and a Titan - must find a new way to stop Lucifer from carrying out his plan to lay waste to the human race in order to cleanse it from itself. 

Can our team find Hope in time? Will it matter if they do? 

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