I Did a thing...

This has been quite a journey. For the last several months I have been tweaking and completely overhauling Book 1 in the Hell on Earth series as my thesis project for the Master's of Creative Writing program at National University. There are still many aspects of the story in tact, but much of it has changed.

Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I've enjoyed writing it. 

I have left the original version of Paint it Black on the site if you are interested in seeing where it came from and how it changed. 

This book is dedicated to my grandfather who told me I could be whatever my heart desired.


To my family for their continued support. Cheryl who has read everything I have written and never once told me it isn’t worth it. To my mom for her consistent love and support. To Lorraine for hating Wintergreen enough to insist it be a part of the story, along with countless other inspirational ideas peppered throughout this tale. To Michelle for keeping my sense of humor on point and never letting me forget the shenanigans of our youth. To Beth, Abigail, Shawn, Jim, Lindsay and Annabelle for putting up with my weirdness and only holding it against me when it matters.

Discover the Hell on Earth series! Tyler Jones is your average, everyday twenty-seven year-old living in Los Angeles. Except he isn't. When Lucifer puts in motion a plan to open the gates of Hell and lay waste to his city, Tyler must team up with unlikely friends and allies to keep the devil from painting the city black. 


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